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Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

When you are in the middle of a financial struggle, you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do or where to turn for help. Having the knowledge and experience of a professional bankruptcy law attorney is your best option to begin the process of getting your finances back on track. Reach out to the Law Offices of Michael H. Johnson, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach, Florida today to get started!

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Michael H. Johnson

Attorney at Law

Attorney Michael H. Johnson obtained his law degree in 1998 and has been operating his own private law firm since 2011. With a focus on helping individuals and families work through financial issues and get out of debt, Michael is able to give his clients an opportunity to make a fresh start in their lives. No matter your financial situation, Michael will treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve as you work together to seek a positive solution to your issues. You don't have to feel hopeless about getting out from under your debt. If you are in the Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach areas of Florida and are in need of legal financial assistance, contact the Law Offices of Michael H. Johnson, P.A. today.

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Experienced Direction

After over two decades of practicing law, attorney Michael H. Johnson has accumulated an expansive knowledge of bankruptcy law and effective solutions to complicated financial problems. With Michael as your attorney, you will have his skill and insight on your side as you work with him to put a plan in place that will allow you to move forward on a path toward relief from your debt.

Informative Approach

Financial matters can feel complex and hard to understand. At the Law Offices of Michael H. Johnson, P.A., you will learn from an experienced attorney who will listen to the details of your situation, explain all of the different options that are available to you, and help you make wise and informed decisions on the best course of action to take to put yourself in a position to achieve your financial goals.

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Direct Communication

As a solo practitioner, Michael Johnson will be working directly with you, without any middlemen or paralegals to go through.


Compassionate Service

You will always be treated like a person, not just a case number. Michael Johnson will be by your side through difficult financial circumstances.


Tailored Solutions

No two clients or cases are exactly alike. You will have a strategy that is customized to fit you, your situation, and your goals for the future.

A Fresh Start for Your Finances is Only a Phone Call Away

People find themselves in difficult financial circumstances for a variety of reasons. No matter how you got into your situation, what you need now is guidance and help to get yourself out of it. When your finances are in a state of emergency and you are facing the possibility of bankruptcy, having an experienced bankruptcy attorney by your side can make the process much easier.

At the Law Offices of Michael H. Johnson, P.A., you will receive knowledgeable direction from a skilled legal professional who can help you learn all about your options in the bankruptcy filing process — as well as whether Chapter 7 (asset liquidation) or Chapter 13 (establishment of a payment plan) is the best choice for you to make to resolve your unique situation.

Regardless of your circumstances, you will benefit from working with a seasoned attorney to address your financial concerns. Attorney Michael Johnson will prioritize your best interests as he guides you in the right direction. All options will be explored to come up with a strategy that is customized to suit your needs and help you work toward the goal of a sound and secure financial future.

From bankruptcy services and debt settlement to mortgage modification and foreclosure defense, the Law Offices of Michael H. Johnson, P.A. is ready to provide you with the help you need to wipe the slate clean and rebuild your credit for a more stable future. Michael Johnson proudly serves clients in the Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach areas and is ready to help you, so get in touch today!