See What Our Clients Are Saying

“I thought mike was great. He helped us out of a lot of debt. He took his time to explain everything and made me feel like I was making the right choice.”

Mark J.

“Top notch attorney. Really cares about his clients. Always on time and there for you when you need him. Highly recommended!”

Brad Y.

“Helped when we needed it. We came in to Mr. Johnson's office with a garnishment and foreclosure proceeding started. When we left we got the correct info and filed a Bankruptcy which stopped the garnishment and he allowed us to get a modification of our mortgage. Our Family is so happy to have the ability to stay in our home and move on from this bad time.”


“Help in tough time. I was going thru a lot of issues with debt and spoke to a few attorneys and after speaking to mike, he made me feel like I was making the correct choice to file a bankruptcy, now I have no debt and Im rebuilding my credit. He was great and did a great job.”


“Communication is great. A lot of paperwork, but they are top notch in filing for bankruptcy.”

Kimberly G

“Awesome attorney with reasonable fees.”

Cesar S.

“Attorney that Cares I came to Mike is a frenzy I had a foreclosure sale pending on my home. He sat me down and explained what he could do for me and he did it. He saved my home and got me a fresh start to allow me to live.”


“Helped us Keep our home and get rid of home equity line of credit. We came to Mike with lots of questions and concerns about losing our home and cars and he sat down and told us what he could do under the law and that is what he did. He spoke to us like real people, we went to a few other attorneys and thought they were yelling at us. We felt very comfortable with him and would recommend him to anyone who is having problems with money.”

“A LifeSaver. I hired Mike because I needed to save my home after a loss of income. He was very professional. Always on time. And best of all I am still in my home of 17 years. I highly recommend Mike.”